History Board of Intermediate Education Karachi

Since Sindh was attached with Presidency of Bombay, it was an appendage of Bombay University in educational matters. in June 1947, the Sindh University act of 1947 was passed and the university came into being at Karachi which took over the control of Secondary as well as the Higher Secondary education in the province of sindh from the Bombay University. In the early post-partition period, Karachi remain the seat of capital both of the centre and the province, but then Hyderabad was chosen to serve as seat of Government for the province of sindh and a separate University was planned for Karachi; in consequence of which, the University of sindh at Karachi had to be shifted to Hyderabad. The Central legislature past one Act in the year 1950; whereby, the University of Karachi was created. for controlling college education. Through The Other at known as “ The Karachi Secondary Education Act number XVI of 1950”, Board of Secondary Education was established at Karachi for controlling education from class 6th to 10th.

As a result of report submitted in 1956 by Commission on national education (generally known as Sharif Commission report), University education was bifurcated into Higher Secondary Education (Intermediate Education) and Degree Education.

On 8 January 1962, the then West Pakistan government promulgated an ordinance known as “West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and secondary education Karachi Ordinance number III of 1962”. By this ordinance, designation of the President of the Board was changed as Chairman and Higher Secondary Education, previously known as Intermediate Education, was transferred from the University to the Board to implement the recommendations of the commission. professor Qaiser Hussain Khan Bakhtiari president of the Board of the secondary education was appointed as first Chairman of the board intermediate and secondary education Karachi. He took over the charge of Higher Secondary Education from Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi, then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karachi, on 2nd November 1961.

The newly constituted board conducted its first HSC examination in May, 1962 for 8000 examinees only. At this time the Board had to intermediate colleges affiliated with it.

On 19th April, 1972 the Government of Sindh promulgated “ The Sindh Board of Intermediate and secondary education ordinance No. VI of 1972”; whereby, the Board of Intermediate and secondary education Karachi, was to be bifurcated into two boards viz. “The Board of the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Saddar” And “Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Nazimabad”. Ordnance of 1972 was further amended by Amendment Act number 20 of 1973 and Amendment Act number 10 of 1974 of Government of Sindh. As a result their of the Board of Intermediate and secondary education Karachi was bifurcated into two boards viz. “Board of Secondary Education Karachi” and “the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi”. Thus, the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi was established on 1st February 1974. Offices of the Board of Secondary Education remained in its old premises where as officers of the Board of Intermediate Education were house in the hostel building and bakhtiar youth centre.

Discharging its responsibilities independently, the Board held its first H.S.C. Examination in 1974 for 51,000 candidates with 50 colleges affiliated with it. The number of Examinees reached to 275000 in 2023. Now there are 409 colleges affiliated with the Board approximately.

One of The Biggest Board of Sindh

Every year conducting about 375,000 candidates Examination!, Assessments & Results

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